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Victoria State Government and Culturally Sensitive Aged-Care.

Aged-care can never be a ‘one size fits all’ situation. Particularly within such a multicultural nation as Australia, there is a strong need to adopt an incredibly culturally sensitive and aware aged-care system in order to accommodate the myriad of

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A game changer in mobile messaging: Ma Huateng’s WeChat

Congruent to China’s rapid growth in mobile Internet, the country has undergone a radical change in the way social interaction is experienced. The pursuit for cutting-edge phone applications has shifted the nation away from embracing foreign technologies, and towards the

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Putting the ‘Age’ in Agenda: An Action Plan for Innovation

In tandem with China’s accelerating ageing population, a range of health and wellbeing challenges arise. By surveying the issues they face, it provides a framework to understand the dire situations at stake, and to identify opportunities for innovation. Blindness As

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Baidu: Connecting China to the World

Due to restrictions in terms of internet browsing in the communist country of China, many mainstream websites have been blocked including some of the most widely used applications worldwide such as Facebook, Twitter and Google. These restrictions left a large

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