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Post D Chinese Contemporary Culture

I want to introduce a Chinese artist named Wei Shen whose works reflect the changes of Chinese society including social values, thinking of young people with the change of economy in China. Wei Shen’s innovative has demonstrated in his works

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Post C Primary Research- Sydney

Part A I visited the Sydney suburb of Chinatown to carry out observation of the Chinese elder daily life. I took notes with the AEIOU template and I also documented by several photos. One of my observation was older Chinese

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Post B Aging Best Practice

As it is mentioned above, Chinese aging population is increasing. Since the economy is developing fast in China and Chinese young generation is busy in making life and they do not have sufficient time in accompanying their parents. Therefore, the

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Post A Secondary Research

With the rapid development of economy and society, the number of aging population is increasingly becoming larger and larger in China. It seems that currently China has entered the aging society and it is predicted that by 2050, the speed

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