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Ai Wei Wei. Ideologically Inconvenient Artist.

Ai Wei Wei. Considered “a harsh critic of the government” (Page 2011). Famous portrait of Ai Wei Wei. Author Unknown. Accessed here. It has not been uncommon to happen to China’s most well-known cultural figures and creatives. Supposedly evoking the

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Moonlight Dances and a Seasoned Musician.

PART A Within my own home suburb of Rhodes, NSW, there is a large number of Chinese people. Living close by the water I get a fantastic view across the bridge to small park by the water of which many

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Geographical Disparity, Family and Tradition, and Knowledge.

China’s geographical vastness and the distinct social and cultural dichotomy—between metropolitan and rural areas—that comes with it, has a great effect on the health of the ageing population of the nation. In regards to the differences—the opportunities and limitations—of living

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Victoria State Government and Culturally Sensitive Aged-Care.

Aged-care can never be a ‘one size fits all’ situation. Particularly within such a multicultural nation as Australia, there is a strong need to adopt an incredibly culturally sensitive and aware aged-care system in order to accommodate the myriad of

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