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Post D: Honouring and challenging Chinese culture

Zhang Huan (born 1965) is a Chinese artist based in Shanghai, whose provocative performance art and sculpture seeks to both honour and reject elements of his national history. He created “angst-ridden performance pieces that brimmed with pain and a meditative masochism,” (Sebag-Montefiore,

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POST C – Primary research

Part A: I chose to visit Chatswood, a Sydney suburb with a large Chinese population. A major observation was the gathering of elderly Chinese people on in an outdoor, astro-turfed environment, in the concourse which is central to shops, restaurants,

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Post B – the grey army

It is commonly assumed that retirement translates to having a well-deserved rest. Yet it is well researched that a stagnant retirement can lead to cognitive, emotional and physical deterioration for aged citizens. Dr Patricia Edgar believes that “people in a

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POST A: Health and wellbeing for an imbalanced population

The consequences of China’s 36-year one-child policy, combined with an improving health care system have contributed to an increasingly ageing population. Increased life expectancy and decreased birth-rate has put the wellbeing of individuals and communities at risk, generating a need

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