Post C Primary Research- Sydney

Part A

I visited the Sydney suburb of Chinatown to carry out observation of the Chinese elder daily life. I took notes with the AEIOU template and I also documented by several photos. One of my observation was older Chinese citizens love Yam Cha in the morning. The image below is a male was reading the newspaper while waiting to Yam Cha. The old was gathering only with other elderly citizens or having breakfast alone in the restaurant. They sit there for a long time even though they had finished the foods. This reminds me that Chinese people may need to accompany their parent more. Another big observation is that lots of old citizens did shopping in the morning and they were walking very fast. Some was having rest on the bench.







Part B

I interviewed my friend’s grandma Xiuxian Zhang, who is a Chinese background elderly living in Hurstville, Sydney. She is 72 years old and she has moved to Sydney 20 years long. She said ‘I don’t speak any English but I made a lot of Chinese friends in Hurstville.’ There are a large Chinese population in Hurstville, especially old citizens, they gather around the train station. She knew a lot of people from everyday shopping and neighbors introduce and she now always visit others house to study Chinese medicine and methods to keep healthy. She told me the reason why she looks much younger than her peers is that she did a lot exercises and keeps optimistic attitude every day.



I asked Xiuxian does she have any concern for the future she said no. She believes she has good physique. However, she was afraid to be lonely because her husband passed away 10 years ago. Her husband got hemiplegia after the post-operation of cerebral hemorrhage. She has looked after her husband daily life for 10 years. Her husband’s death made her afraid of loneliness. Therefore, she began to make friends outside and now she has works to do everyday. She said that ‘I just socialized with people in my age group. We have similar life experiences and common topic. I feel comfortable to talk with them. They taught me how can Chinese massage and medicines help maintain healthy.’ This reinforced my understanding of the importance of elderly mentally health. The healthy life is not only kept by lifestyle but also maintained by positive life attitude. Moreover, the old needs more care and accompany by their families.

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