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As it is mentioned above, Chinese aging population is increasing. Since the economy is developing fast in China and Chinese young generation is busy in making life and they do not have sufficient time in accompanying their parents. Therefore, the elderly always feel lonely when they get retired. When some elderly do not have any interest, it is quite hard for killing the leisure time. Caring for the psychological well-being has become a critical issue. And lots of elderly in China start to search for reactions to make themselves less lonely. One of the hottest reactional activities named square dance has already attracted the attention of lots of elderly people, especially Chinese senior women. For example, in the picture below, a group of Chinese elderly getting together to dance and to get fun. Square dance not only allows Chinese women get exercise and at the same time, but it is also a good method for killing time.

图片 1.jpg

图片 2.jpg

Lots of elderly will get together after dinner or in the morning to conduct the square exercise. The popularity of the square dance shows that the modern Chinese elderly feel quite lonely and urgently looking for a way to express themselves. In modern Chinese society, the relationship between people is quite cold and lots of people shut themselves and do not want to communicate with others as the trust between people is sharply decreasing. However, the square dance has been changing the situation gradually. Lots of people gather together no matter they know each other or not with the purpose of enjoying the dance. Some elderly could also communicate with each other during the process of dancing. Many elderly claim that after dancing, they become happier and less lonely. At the same time, their health has also increased because of doing exercise. Therefore, it could be seen that square dance has greatly increased the physical and psychological health for the elderly, addressing the issue that Chinese elderly feel lonely and at the same time reduce the rate of committing suicide by the Chinese elderly. Hence, Chinese government encouraged the practice and promoted the practice of square dance to the elderly. In the article, it is strongly recommended that more and more Chinese elderly should find some reactional activities such as the square dance to make their life fulfilled. It is believed that the square dance will greatly address the issue of loneliness among nester elderly in China.


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