Post A Secondary Research

With the rapid development of economy and society, the number of aging population is increasingly becoming larger and larger in China. It seems that currently China has entered the aging society and it is predicted that by 2050, the speed of aging population will be much faster than that of the economy by 2050 (Huang, 2009). The aging population has brought about lots of problems to Chinese society. To begin with, as China has been implementing of family planning for a long time, lots of families only have one child. When children grow up and leave for other places to work and to live, the phenomenon of nester elderly become more and more common, and lots of people felt quite lonely. Their children came to visit them maybe one time in a year. Therefore, lots of elderly felt quite lonely, and they are eager to look for someone to talk to. Besides, the phenomenon of nester elderly in China also facilitates the rate of committing suicide for elderly in China. As a result, there are more and more people advocating to pay attention to the psychological wellbeing in China. In addition, the fast development of aging population makes the issue of medical security system more severe. When a person reached the age of 60, the health declines sharply and the immunology function of the person is also getting weaker and weaker. When there are not enough resources, it is a big problem for the elderly getting treated in China. What’s more, lots of elderly have a negative feeling about their life, for they have nothing to do when they get retired.

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Based on the above problem, there is three fields of interest could be developed by the elderly including painting, dancing and playing chess, in which Chinese elderly are always interested. For example, Chinese elderly women always like to go to the square dance. Hence we could design some interesting styles of square dance for the elderly. Similarly, in Australia, the elderly always feel lonely and have the psychological problems. Therefore, the design of interest for Chinese elderly could also be applied to Australian elderly.



Huang C. & Irma Elo T., 2009, ‘Mortality of the Oldest Old Chinese: The Role of Early-Life Nutritional Status, SocioEconomic Conditions, and Sibling Sex-Composition,’ Population Studies 63, no. 1 pp.7-20.

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