Lets get physical!

Kai Faulkner – 11988021

There has been much research conducted on the benefits of being an active and healthy senior citizen. It has many long term benefits including reduced risk of NCD’s, heart attack, stroke and also an improved mental health state and longevity of the mind.

Based on the North Shore/beaches of Sydney is a business known as ‘Active Seniors Health Centres’. “Active Seniors focuses purely on the needs of seniors. Our university qualified staff aim to combine exercise and stretching with nutrition, balance control and lifestyle advice into a program tailored specifically to each client to suit their individual needs.”


Upon conducting some research into this business it appears as though, very similar to a physiotherapy clinic, each clients program is based upon their needs. When a senior first attends Active Seniors they will spend time with a qualified professional consultant who will conduct a range of physical tests and then they will begin to design a personal plan to provide the best outcome for the customer.

This concept of having an exercise centre specifically for seniors shows a lot of promise and deals with this challenge of healthy aging in a unique way. By providing someone with a class of session to attend, it is much more likely that they will be successful in their fitness and exercise goals.

Active Seniors also does a lot of work with balance and helping seniors, particularly those with hearing challenges with their balance. “The three most important areas that contribute to our ability to balance are our eyes, our ears and our body receptors which are also known as proprioceptors… While the ear has many components that are dedicated to our ability to process sound, there are some specific structures in the inner ear that provide important information to keep us balanced.”

Active seniors enables elderly people suffering from these issues and the many other similar issues to work through them and live their life with higher quality.


This is just one example of a business or product, which aids the elderly and aging generation to stay active and healthy. It is clearly extremely important that we seek to continue this process as it results in less stress on our health systems, a healthier economy, and most importantly, good health for our loved ones.




ASHC, 2016, Active Seniors Health Centre, Sydney, 7 November 2016, < http://www.activeseniors.net.au/>.

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