How do they feel?

Part A

The suburb in which was chosen to analysis was Chatswood, particularly focusing on the concourse walkway and the Mandarin Centre. A number of useful insights were drawn from conducting this exercise. The most prominent was the realisation that younger Asian generations were more inclined to socialise with different cultures than older generations. This could reflect China in the older generation being more set in their ways and therefore less inclined to adopting change, particularly to a potentially innovative solution to the aging crisis.


Part B

The Quality of Life (QOL) Profile allows for one to determine the quality of life of themselves or another individual, although these constraints don’t and shouldn’t provide a quantitative measure and therefore definite answer as the questions are answered on a subjective basis, they provide useful insight into what are the struggles and benefits of an individual life. The person in which i set out to apply the QOL questions to is Betty Stevens. Betty is an 84 widow who lives alone in an aging complex.



In order to maintain a sense of being/well being, Betty believes that one must “Stay busy by being involved.” In order to achieve this she undertakes a number of activities including gardening and walking to maintain her health, playing bridge and computer games to retain mental health and participating in group activities such as part time work.

Although Betty undertakes a large amount of activities she doesn’t feel that she has any further personal goals/hopes/aspirations. “At my age I don’t have any unsatisfied aspirations and hopes.” However on a more trivial aspect she hopes to “stay as fit and healthy as long I can and be functional until I die.” It may seem that Betty is just waiting to die but she states that “I think no more about death than I did at 20.” This statement intrigued me as it seems as if Betty is stuck in a middle ground between setting further goals and death, and in her opinion is living comfortably feeding off trivial/personal (trivial seems to kinda put them down) goals such as maintaining the garden.

When asked about challenges and frustrations Betty responded with common answers of aging citizens including becoming slower, concentration levels diminishing, memory loss, learning new technology etc. However, her motto to not bettering herself in these aspects is “what i don’t understand i ignore.” Betty continued to explain that she is surrounded by young people often, which keeps her up with societies trends and allows her to remain youthful, a testament that could be highly relevant in China.

Written by Josh Stevens

Posted in C: Primary Research - Sydney

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