A Friendly Chat

Post C – Primary Research

Shipra Sharma, 98136346

I visited Blacktown, parts of which are heavily populated with a Chinese population. I was surprised to see so many people out on a weekday, most of the people I am referring to are the elderly and young mothers with their children, because it was a nice weather a lot of people has come out. There is a local park in Blacktown where I sat and decided to observe, the environment was very family orientated and family friendly, although I did see many men smoking away from the park, I didn’t see any females amongst them. A lot of fresh foods were being sold on the pavement, which is normal every Tuesday here, and the shops were not as busy today, I entered a seafood shop, in which everything was written in Chinese and I had to ask for assistance to buy since I didn’t know what they were, the staff were very kind and understanding, and also very patient.


I decided interviewed my friends grandmother, who in her age is physically active and still sharp, she was an accountant in India, when she was younger and decided to change his career to a math teacher later, for her  love for children.  When she moved to Australia with her family, she retired as she found english a difficult language to communicate in, and let her children take care of her. Parvati is presently 72 years old with a head full of white hair (which she blamed on her stressful jobs) and is physically very capable, she walks the dog everyday, and takes care of her grandchildren.
[Parvati was unable to communicate in english fluently, so I chose to converse in Hindi to allow her to  open up more]


What would you describe as healthy?
Healthy for me is both psychological and physical, but more psychological if anything. I feel young, but when I open my eyes every morning and get up, I know I’m not as young as my mind feels. I think having an active and interesting years for my youth and adulthood is what really helps me remember my “healthy” days. I try to be active, my husband was fat and unhealthy, so he died before me, even though he used to say that he’ll live longer than me. But I know from his mistakes to not lay around the house everyday, so I walk the dog every morning and evening, I even help around with the housework, as much as possible, now there are a lot of things my body doesn’t let me do. But your young, remember to treat your body like an investment, its the only thing that is going to benefit or break you.

Now that your 72 years old, what are your personal goals?
You kids, my family is my legacy and my future, now the only things I pray for is my family and their well-being. I don’t have anything left to do but pass whatever knowledge I can to Viva (my friend/her granddaughter), I want her to have all the knowledge in the world, god bless she’s already so advanced and intelligent.

Do you miss anything from back in the day?
My husband, and my body. It aches now, I regret not climbing as many trees, and using my body to its fullest potential. It sounds strange…I know hahaha! Climbing trees wasn’t something I thought I’d miss, but I miss having that strength and energy. I also have lost a bit of my senses, I can’t see as well, or when hear sometimes, I even cant smell flowers as vividly as I remember. But there are people I know who are in pain, so I shouldn’t be complaining, one of my friends is so blind he needs someone to assist him all the time. He always tells me how lucky I am to be able to see my family, I do feel bad for him.

If there is one super power you want, what would it be and why?
I want to be able to tell people what I’m thinking without saying a word. So like telepathy? Yes, is that what its called, I would also love it if I can learn with ease. I find it so difficult to talk to everyone these days, I have so many things I want to say and there tough to make into a sentence. I want my sons to know I am always with them, whenever their going through something, I would like to say something in their heads to comfort them, this way they wont be embarrassed about it. I haven’t comforted my kids in so long because they find it embarrassing, I can’t remember the last time I hugged them. You can hug me. Yes of course hahaha!

Thank you Parvati it was nice talking to you, is there something you would like to say?
Take care child, god bless!

After I interviewed Parvati I realised her connection to religion, which is something I see with a lot of elderly people I have met, and also her longing for a better relationship with her family, which is something I saw in Post A too.

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